Thursday, August 10, 2006

This is Forever

OK, one more poem. Well, I actually intended this to be a song lyric, but not being a composer, I don't have a melody for it. I wrote this when I was getting divorced. In 2002 - the year of my divorce - I wrote 54 poems! So about a poem a week...

In her heart
She knew from the start
She fell so fast
It would never last

To just tell him no
Was the way to go
But she was afraid
So that's not what she said

She said...
This is forever
She wanted to believe
Let's be together
I won't ever leave
But deep in her heart
She knew, she knew
It was never really true

The passion's gone
But what's done is done
She took that vow
Just live with it now

She couldn't be alone
In an empty home
Like a mother's hand
She needed her man

By Pink Lady
Helsinki, Finland, 2002


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