Friday, August 18, 2006

Fake Snake

This cute fake snakeskin purse is not only fake snake, but also fake leather - it's plastic really, but somehow "good quality" plastic, i.e. it's pretty durable. I used to have shoes in the same material, but I got rid of them years ago. These are from a Finnish designer called Pertti Palmroth. He sells a lot of shoes in this material - they call them shoes "for all types of weather" - actually extremely practical in this country, since we (unfortunately) get a lot of weather that's both cold and wet. :-(

We still don't have cold weather, but the wet season seems to have started. But for once, I'm actually glad - I never thought I'd say that!! But it's been so dry for so long and the past week or more has been really muggy and stuffy. Now we've had big thunder storms and lots of rain on a couple of days and it's really cleared the air.

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