Saturday, September 15, 2007


Hello there!

Aren't these creatures adorable? In life, we must make choices...and sometimes we must give up something that is important to us. I have a fridge magnet that says: "You can't have everything - where would you put it?" ;-)

But seriously....these are my boyfriend's former cats. Why former? Because I am allergic to all animals and he had to give them up when we moved in together. It's really sad but it was the only option. He made a big sacrifice...

So what happened to the cats? The smaller one (on the right) had to be put to sleep. He was very sick throughout his whole life. He had some sort of problem absorbing the nutrition from his food so he was quite small and really skinny and he always had lots of stomach problems. The problems kept getting worse and the vet said that putting him down would be the kindest thing for him. It was really sad. He was such a cute little critter.

The bigger cat (on the left) went to live with my boyfriend's brother. The cat seems to enjoy it there and adjusted to the change amazingly quickly. I wonder if somehow he "recognized" the fact that, being brothers, my boyfriend and his brother are somehow similar? Genetically I mean? Do they have a similar smell - or something else that makes it easier for an animal to accept his new owner? The cat actually went to a different new home at first but meowed so much the first night that the family got fed up and did not want to keep him. Being a typical ocicat, he's a very strong personality and also quite loud. So we were starting to worry that perhaps he would not adjust to a new home at all. But he immediately seemed to be at home with my boyfriend's brother. Of course we couldn't be happier. This way we can visit as often as we want.

We do miss having cats - somehow a home seems empty without cats. I keep hoping that medical science will develop enough so that one day I can have cats again.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

She's Back!

Well Ladies and Gents, Pink Lady is back!

It's been quite a roller coaster ride lately. In about 9 months time, the following major events have taken place in Pink Lady's life:

- Splitting up with live-in boyfriend of 4 years
- Moving to one bedroom apartment
- Selling house and doing the mine/yours thing
- Buying car (used - alas!)
- Falling in love, thus acquiring wonderful new boyfriend!! :-)
- Having a major birthday (I won't reveal the number but it's big and round)
- Going on a trip to Paris (pictured above) with above-mentioned new boyfriend to celebrate above-mentioned big birthday (trip involving major shopping with recently-acquired cash from recently-sold house - highly recommended form of retail therapy!)
- In the space of 6 months, boarding a plane a total of 16 times (a new personal record) on trips involving both for work & pleasure (Pink Lady loves travel - but enough is enough!)
- Losing a suitcase twice on the same trip - but eventually getting both suitcases back. Getting a hefty compensation for the temporary loss (and ensuing enforced shopping extravaganza) in one case.
- Moving in with said new boyfriend and trying desperately to fit truckfulls of stuff into said one bedroom apartment......the process still continues.....apartment resembles warzone.....but the war against clutter is not yet over....Pink Lady shall prevail......OK, so what's your excuse for not posting? ;-)