Monday, August 21, 2006

Heavenly Courtyards, Part 2

Here's another amazing courtyard in Mykonos, Greece. To me this somehow symbolizes goal setting: we are standing in the dark but we are looking into the bright sunshine. It is so close that we can see the goal already but all that we have to do is walk through the door into the bright sunlight.

However, in real life, stepping through the door - symbolically speaking - is not as easy. It means that we must grow and growth is always painful.

I heard on a CD recently (not a music CD, an inspirational lecture) that there are three zones in life that we can spend time in:

  • The Coasting Zone
  • The Comfort Zone
  • The Challenge Zone

The speaker (Skip Ross) said that he used to think that he always had to be in the challenge zone. But, as he got older, he realized that it's not wise. Because if we are always outside of our comfort zone and pushing ourselves, it means that we are always doing things that we are not yet very good at. And that's not fun or rewarding - at least not at that moment.

So we also need to spend time in our comfort zone. We need to also do things that we have truly mastered so that we can get a lot done and can really enjoy ourselves.

But we also need to spend time coasting because we need to relax. And we can also "outsource" things that we are not very good at to other people - we don't need to do everything ourselves. This is where teamwork comes in. A team of people with the right skills can be good at everything - a single person never can.


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