Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Rags to Riches

This is a traditional Finnish rag rug. People my grandmother's age (and sometimes much younger) used to cut up all of their old clothing to make rugs out of. This rug is one of the many, many at my boyfriend's parents' farm - they are all hand-made. Wow! That's somehow so ecological! Talk about Wardrobe Refashion! ;-)

Speking of rags to riches, I've lately been thinking about money - what is it's value really? Are we free when we have lots of money? Or are we free when we realize that we don't really need any? Hmmmmm.....

I'm not really sure what I think. I heard this somewhere: "Money doesn't buy happiness, but it also doesn't buy sadness. Would you rather be happy and rich or happy and poor?".

Is money really the root of all evil? I think not. I think that money is simply power and power can be used for good or for evil. Money is a tool. And it's up to the user of that tool to decide what to use it for. A hammer can be used to build a house or to hit someone on the head with - but that doesn't mean that a hammer is evil.

I guess the problems come when people think so highly of money that they're willing to do anything to get it. But then, is the problem money - or simply selfishness and immorality?

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