Friday, September 19, 2008

Pink Lady Ties the Knot!!

Yes, Ladies and Gents, it's true. Pink Lady is now married. So she is now truly a Lady (with a capital "L") since she is no longer living in sin. ;-)

The happy event took place on Friday, the 16th of May 2008. It was a modest ceremony with only the Best Man and Maid of Honour as witnesses. The Bride wore a dress by Rils and shoes by Penelope. Hair by Pink Lady's trusted hairdresser (for more than a decade), Lisbeth Jansson-Apiala of Peili. Photo by Nina Stolt of StudioOnni (notice her cute, pink website!). Green chair in photo by IKEA

We (notice the "we"!!) have been a bit slow to do this, but we are planning on creating a website of our wedding. Well, there were actually several wedding parties. We did not have one big party, just several smaller ones. All the parties were very small with a limited number of guests - so if you were not invited, we do apologize. This was the second time for both of us so we did not want to have the huge, traditional wedding thing...

The other exciting thing that we did was to have two sets of professional photos taken. The first set was immediately after the wedding and they were slightly more traditional studio photos. The one shown here is from that shoot. But then, when we had finished with all the various wedding parties, we had the second set of photos done, the kind known as "Trash the Dress" (TTD) photos. The idea is to do some very Vogue style photos. Mostly they are done of just the bride alone, but some also have the groom in them as well. In our case, my hubby was in about half the photos. The idea of the photos is also that the bride can be lying down in dirt or swimming in the sea in the dress etc. The dress will never be worn again, so at least you get all the possible mileage out of it. What a brilliant idea! 

I may be able to wear my dress again since it's so simple that it doesn't necessarily scream "bridal". (In fact, it's not actually a wedding dress, it's just a pretty white dress). It had quite a bit of seaweed on it but I think I got most of it out... 

Our photographer said that we were her first TTD shoot. Who knows, we may have even been the first ones in Finland? Our TTD shoot was on June 6th, 2008. If you live in Finland and have had a TTD shoot before us, please let me know. I'd also be happy to see your photos! :-)

And what has Pink Lady been up to since the wedding? Well, the pink newlyweds went to Greece for nearly a month for the honeymoon. Tons of photos about that trip of course - to be posted in our wedding website. 

And after the honeymoon it's been all about clutter-clearing again. So if you refer to my previous post of nearly 9 months ago, I am still working on that project....but more on that in a future post. 

Mrs. Pink Lady

P.S. I kept my last name. In fact, my husband took my last name! :-)