Monday, August 14, 2006

Garden of Eden, Part 2

Hey again!!

Yesterday, my boyfriend and I took a long Sunday walk and, for once, I brought my camera. I took quite a few photos and this is the first time I've photographed my own neighbourhood (Espoo).

The photos have quite an autumn feel already! Some trees are already changing their colours. However, that is because of the dryness - not yet cold weather, since it's still amazingly warm here in Finland.

I read in the paper that this has been the driest summer in one hundred years. I'm not surprised, since it hardly rained at all. And we've had many summers when it seems to do nothing but rain... :-(

It also felt like fall because of the other vegetation such as the fruit and flowers. I'll publish some of the photos here.

Pictured is a gorgeous apple tree heavy with fruit in our neighbourhood.


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