Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Summer Toes

On a much lighter note, here is a photo of Pink Lady's summery - and embarrassingly unmanicured - toes. As you can see, Pink Lady's pink foot is not very tiny! The previously posted photo of the cute little footprint is unfortunately not Pink Lady's footprint but that of an unidentified German child who was passing by. We took a one-week holiday to Greece a few weeks back. The footprint photo was taken on the island of Naxos. As was the balcony photo.

Lonely Planet Greek Islands writes something along the lines "Greece is ridiculously over-photographable" and it certainly is true. I took a gazillion photos - you'll probably grow tired of seeing them in this blog... ;-)

The shoe is the other half of Pink Lady's currently fave summer shoes. They are Spanish, but I bought them about 4 years ago in Dallas, Texas. They were 50% off, of course. I worked in Dallas for about 4 months in the summer and bought lots of sandals and other summery shoes while there - one couldn't possibly imagine wearing socks in Dallas in the summer! I still wear most of the shoes I bought there. I may have lots of clothes and accessories, but I wear them (and wear them out!) for years. The gravel in the photo is not Greek but Finnish - the photo was taken in Salo, Finland last week. The capris are my fave summer jeans; I got them in Greece a couple of years ago and I just wear them to death. But the more worn out they get, the better they look. Beautiful women and good wine improve with age - and so do good quality denims and good quality leather shoes!

Pink Toes


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