Thursday, March 30, 2006

Meet me in the Music Room!

OK, this is the last post tonight...

This is Pink Lady's other "new room": the music room. It's actually the upstairs landing; a great way to ensure that no valuable space is wasted. And anyway, it's attractive.

Pink Lady does not really play the piano, but wishes that she did! I have the book "Piano for Dummies". This is another of my many, many self-improvement-projects.

The piano stool is from Pink Lady's Mom - from a flea market probably?

The poster on the wall is also part of Pink Lady's self-improvement-strategy: the lady in her pink birthday suit in the photo represents a sort of ideal body. It is a constant reminder for Pink Lady about why she chooses to keep going to the gym to work out (although not often enough).

Nighty-Night (in this time zone)!

The Pink Home Office - part III

Here's a somewhat better view of that wonderful scarf that I'm using as impromptu curtains. Those metal storage boxes are from - where else? - IKEA.

Still Pink

The Pink Home Office - part II

Hey again!

Here's another photo from my home office. This mini "locker" is also from IKEA, as is the fuschia watering can (so far just for show, since I don't yet have any plants in my home office).


The Pink Home Office


I've been promising to post a photo of my home office - where I write this blog. Here it is. What do you think?

As I wrote before, most of the stuff is from IKEA. So it cost next to nothing (my iPod probably cost more than all of my office furnishings put together).

There's a story behind my "curtains": a dear friend was visiting China and she brought me back a fuschia scarf with very interesting detail. We were out having dinner when she gave it to me and I told her that it's the exact same colours as the home office I'm planning to have - and here's the proof.

On a whim, I decided to make it into informal "curtains" for my home office. I really don't need curtains, because I have a gorgeus view of a forest and lake, plus venitian blinds to keep any extra sun out, so the scarf is strictly for decoration. Doesn't it do the trick? :-)

Thanks for the thoughtful and stylish gift!!


Governments should be afraid of their people


Anybody seen the movie V for Vendetta? I loved it.

The movie certainly reminded me of what's important. A lot of what I've written in this blog has been about very material things such as fashion, electronics, interior decorating, etc. Those things are really important to me, but they are not the most important things in life. They are just the really fun things, they are toys for adults.

Growing up, my favourite book was 1984 by George Orwell. It's the only book I've ever read more than twice: I read it three times during one year (I was around 15 or 16). I still feel that everything I know (or need to know?) about politics I learned from that book. In "1984", the government's policy is "War is Peace", i.e. the government itself commits acts of terrorism on it's own citizens in order to keep them in fear and thus "keep the peace". Really sick - but is it really so far fetched in the world we live in today? What were the true motives behind the Gulf War? 9/11 was certainly an act of terrorism commited by a foreign power, but the US government certainly made the most of keeping it's citizens afraid after that. Things to think about.

The "V for Vendetta" movie explores some of these same issues. There is a totalitarian government that keeps people in fear. But it's also about the power of the people: "People should not be afraid of their governments - governments should be afraid of their people". Think about how relevant this idea is in some of the Communist countries.

More than anything, the V movie was about personal courage and about how to stop being afraid.

I highly recommend it to everyone. The message is very relevant in the current global political situation.


P.S. Speaking of political, don't you just love Pink's new song (and video!) Stupid Girl? :-)

Best Gift Ever...

This baby is the best gift I ever got: an iPod! It's funny, because when I opened the package (Christmas 2004), I actually did not know what an iPod was!! It was a beautiful, cube-shaped package in cool colours that said iPod. I looked at my live-in boyfriend (whom I adore - and no, not just because he buys me such amazing presents!) and asked: "iPod, what's that?". Can you believe it? I was so out of it! I was still listening to CDs back then. I had heard of MP3s of course but had no idea how great they actually are (however, to be completely exact, Apple products do not use MP3 but Apple's own format).

So my boyfriend was actually able to buy the perfect gift for me: something that I had no idea I wanted or needed, but that became one of the most important things in my life. My "pod", as I like to call it, has 20 G's of memory, which has been enough so far. But perhaps my next one will have the full 40...

I currently have around 500 CDs and the plan is to eventually download all that music into iTunes and then onto the pod. I'm actually considering giving up my CD collection - all it does is gather dust. I'm into clutter-clearance big time at the moment: "Have nothing in your houses that you do not believe to be beautiful or know to be useful" (William Morris). The pod is both!!

Questions: how come you can only get the smaller pods in pink? ;-)

Actually, I love the white colour of the pod: it's been the inspiration behind my home office, which is mostly all-white, just with some fuschia high-lights. I'll post the photo later...

Thanks so much for the terrific gift!!


Wednesday, March 29, 2006

My fave boots...!!


I told you I would photograph all of my shoes and walk you through them (pun intended). I'll do the same for purses as well.

This pair of boots is the latest addition to my ever-growing shoe collection. I bought them at 50% off of course! They are from a wonderful Swedish store called Rizzo. I love almost everything in that store. I bought a wallet there as well (which I'll of course photograph later as well).

Can you tell that I just got my first digital camera?!? ;-)

Pink Lady, signing off...

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Pink Jell-O Champagne Flute Candles

This was a wonderful gift last Christmas from my God Mother. She's an artist and always gives me the most amazing gifts.

These are candles made from gel - it really feels like Jell-O. And the gel is inside actual champagne flutes. When the candles are not burning, they look red, but when they're lit, they look exactly like pink champagne - except that it's on fire! They gave such a festive feel because you felt as if there were glasses of champagne on the table. They looked so real that I was afraid that I would accidentally try to drink from one of them and burn my face!

Gel candles burn a really long time, much, much longer than regular candles. Something like 40 hours or so.

These were a wonderful gift - and we now still have the champagne flutes to drink from!

Thanks for this - and all the other wonderful gifts over the years!


Flowers from a dear friend

Hello World!

These flowers were given to me by a dear friend. I really love receiving flowers but it's a shame how fast they wilt. Then I got the idea of photographing all the flowers, beautiful candles etc. that I receive as gifts - so I can keep the memory.

My friend was moving and stayed with us for a couple of nights. During that time she brought me these flowers. Thanks!!! :-)

The Pink One

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Holiday photo from Crete

This gorgeous photo was the view from our hotel room in Crete. The photo was taken with the Nokia S60 6630 mobile phone.

Pink Lady

Saturday, March 25, 2006

The Shoe Lady

The Pink Lady is also a "Shoe Lady". This is a photo of my shoe collection. I haven't counted how many pairs I have...

My next project is photographing all my shoes and purses separately and publishing the photos. ;-)


Pink Lady

From the home-office of Pink Lady on the Loose...

Today, I went to Ikea and bought a bunch of very cheap stuff and - as of today - I have a home office!

Guess what colour my office is...?

I'll add pictures later (it's too messy to photograph at present...)

Pink Lady

P.S. The photo is the "before" picture. My home office used to be a guest bedroom. The pink quilt was made by my mother.