Friday, August 18, 2006

Red Onion Nails

I am the kind of person that you should never give a digital camera to, 'cause I get all wierd and start shooting everything in sight (with the camera, I mean). I was making dinner and slicing up some red onions when I noticed that my nail polish is exactly the same colour as the onions - isn't that wierd! The nail polish is called Chrome Shine by L'Oreal and it's number 346 (no it doesn't have one of those cute names like "Moon beam" or "Perfect Romance" or something). It's vintage nail polish circa 2003 (I think - I got it in Dallas). It's kind of like the metallic paint on cars. I am sure it's no longer available.

Yes, I actually use my nail polish for years and years. When it dries out, I use nail polish thinner from Mavala. Highly recommended. The cutting board is from Ikea. Red onions - available at grocery stores (almost) everywhere.

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