Monday, August 14, 2006


"Hello, my name is Pink Lady and I'm an Italophile. I haven't been to Italy in over a year". "Hello Pink Lady!".

Yes, I love all things Italian. I wonder why? A former boss of mine - an equally huge Italophile - was of the opinion that people love Italy only because of the food. Well, I admit that it's a big attraction, but it really isn't all there is to it. At least not for me.

Other Italian things I love:

  • The coffee (pictured)
  • The culture of coffee shops
  • The fashion!!!!!
  • The way so many Italians are well-dress - especially the men
  • How the Italians look (lots of very attractive people)
  • The sound of the language
  • The art
  • The architecture
  • The beauty of the cities
  • The beauty of the countryside
  • The fact that the clothes are cheaper than in Finland (especially the lingerie is great!)
  • The shoes
  • The manners, the way they treat women (well, this can also be a con in some cases, depends - my friends says it's horrible to travel alone in Italy as a woman.)
  • Opera (I'm not super-crazy about Italian popular music. I do listen to Eros Ramazzotti, but I'm not so familiar with their pop stars).
  • They way they love children
  • The way they respect their elders
  • The weather
  • The food
  • The wine

I'm sure I could add a lot more items to this list, but those were the first things I could think of.

Pinko-Italian Lady

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