Monday, October 19, 2009

Back to Nature

No, in spite of rumours to the contrary, Pink Lady is not dead...just tired. She yearns to write yet has trouble "finding the time".

There is a saying "There will never be enough time to do everything that is important but there will always be enough time to do the most important things" (or along those lines). But why is it that this does not seem to be true in our lives?

Why do we spend so much time watching TV when we could be doing something much more creative? Why do we lie on the couch instead of taking a walk? Why are we so tired?

It is my belief that it is not the amount of work that makes one tired. What makes one tired is doing something that one does not really want to do. You only need to be in a boring, useless meeting for 20 minutes and already you are completely exhausted! Compare that to the feeling you get when watching a really, really good movie or when spending time with really good friends. Or doing something that you truly love to do - whatever that may be. It is passion that gives us energy - and the lack of passion that makes us tired.

It is up to each one of us to find that one thing which we are "born to do", our "calling". If we are able to do that, then work is no longer work but something much more. The old mind trick is to think what you would do if you did not have to worry about money and knew you could not fail.

Here is Pink Lady's list:
  • write best-selling books
  • some of those books would also have my photos in them
  • exhibit my photography in galleries
  • publish stories in magazines and on-line
  • sing jazz at night clubs
  • perform as a flamenco dancer
  • lovingly restore houses and even whole villages in e.g. Italy

Those items are listed in the order of their importance. So writing really is "my thing". I know that now. Now I just need to find the time to do it somehow. But fear not, Pink Lady has a plan... ;-)

Watch this space...