Thursday, April 20, 2006

Yellow Storybird for Easter

A Belated Easter Greeting Dear Readers!

My parents are planning on moving to a smaller apartment (in three years or so) and are already now starting to get rid of as much stuff as they can. While we were celebrating Easter at my parent's place, my mother asked me if there was anything I wanted to take! Wow! I took a whole bunch of great stuff and this adorable long-beaked creamer was one of the things my Mom gave me. Thanks!! It's by Arabia. I have the whole set of Storybirds in white, plus one big grey one (all the pieces have been gifts) but I was missing this cute yellow one. This gorgeous set of pitchers is no longer in production, but is still hugely popular. You can always try eBay...

It's such a nice Easter decoration too, goes well with the little chickies! :-)


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