Monday, April 17, 2006

Pink Marimekko Purse

Hey there!

This is another one of my pink purses. This one is by Marimekko. They also do leather purses, but they're most famous for their canvas ones.

This particular purse does not really have a story attached. It's just a really nice, practical purse to use in the summer. Very light, very fashionable, nice with casual attire. Washable too (by hand).

I had this purse with me at our company's last summer party (a major annual event). I was wearing a yellow top and carrying this purse. And my closest colleague showed up wearing a pink top and carrying a yellow Marimekko purse!! We looked like the Marimekko twins.

More purses to come, so keep reading...


P.S. The chair that I've used to photograph the purses is from China. It's beautiful, but a bit inpractical. Even though I'm tall (175 cm / 5'10"), it's a bit high to sit on. I wondered how an old Chinese chair can be so high - the people couldn't have been very tall. But then I found out that they used to sit on chairs with their legs crossed. So it's kind of like a throne!


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