Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Pink (Fake) Puma Purse

Dearest Lady and Gentleman Bloggers,

Eventhough this purse is a fake Puma, made of 100% plastic and cost next-to-nothing (7 euros I think?), it's one of my favourites. Oh, how can I say that, now all the other purses will feel bad!

Like Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker's character on Sex and the City) says: "You know I don't play favourites with my shoes, but these ones were really special!" (in the episode where her Manolos were stolen after the hostess forced her to take them off). I too don't play favourites with my purses or shoes, but this one is very close to my heart. Well look at it!! It's just soooo beautiful! And it goes so well with sweats, for example. It's perfect if you're just dashing out of the house in shorts or sweatpants. OK, personal pet peeve: people wearing a sweatsuit and carrying a fancy purse. I'm sorry, but it just looks gross! I don't mean to offend anybody here, but this is the reason why I personally wanted to buy a purse that looks exactly like a gym bag - it just goes perfectly well with gym clothes! Whoever invented these babies is a genius!

I bought my lovely "Puma" purse on a wonderful, wonderful trip to Rome with a dear friend. We went there on a whim last summer and spent a week there - and it was HOT! I understand enough Italian so that I made out a radio commentary where they warned people to keep babies and the elderly indoors. I saw a thermometer show something like 47 degrees Celcius (115 Fahrenheit). Granted that thermometer was in the hot sun, but in any case it was just damn hot.

So we spent most of our time shopping! Well it was just so nice and cool in those shops! I was looking for the perfect black purse on that trip, but never found quite what I was looking for (I still haven't). But I did buy this purse from a street vendor (they're all over Rome selling fake everything). I also found a gorgeous Guess purse. I'll show you that one in a later post.

To be continued....

Pink Puma Girl

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doodah said...

hi pink lady, i was reading over your blog and i feel we are quite similar in some ways - this is fun i just started up my own blog today, my blog is healthylife-doodah.