Friday, April 14, 2006

Pink Furla Purse


Spring has finally arrived to this Northern part of the world! It's a gorgeous sunny day, there's no more snow on the ground - and Pink Lady can start wearing shoes other than winter boots! But no shoe blog today. Instead, the first of many purse blogs. This being Pink Lady's blog, we'll of course start with a pink purse. This one is Italian, by Furla. They have really wonderful stuff. As is typical for Pink Lady, I got this at 50% off. I guess people don't want to buy a relatively expensive leather purse in pink and that's why it was on sale. Women would rather go with a more classic black or brown, because they think that they'll get bored with pink or that it will go out of fashion. Being Pink Lady, I thought no such thing! Though, to be honest, I actually have been looking for the perfect black purse for over a year now and still haven't found quite the one I want. So I got a pink one instead! Of course I get a loss less wear out of it, since I can't wear a pink purse with every outfit.

But, being Pink Lady, I do love pink and think that I always will. It was always my favourite colour as a little girl and right into my teens. Although in my teens I tended to wear more fuchsia. Then there was a long time that pink was totally out of fashion and I also thought that I'd never be able to wear it again or to use it in my home. Not just because it was "out"; I actually was sick of the colour for some reason.

But now that it came back into fashion in a big way, I realized just how gorgeous pink looks and went out and bought a whole bunch of pink chothes, accessories and decorating stuff. I've heard that this has happended to many women: they are happy that pink is fashionable again since they love the colour. I wonder why so many women are drawn to pink?

Is it simply because we were dressed in pink as babies and it simply reminds us of a happier and simpler time when all our needs were taken care of? Or does the colour pink have some effect on us psychologically? I'd like to look into this. I'll let you know if I find something out...

So, as I mentioned, this was the first of many blog entries about purses. I photographed many of my purses and will start displaying them here. And of course each lovely purse has a story. So keep reading!

A kiss, my dear readers - with pursed lips! ;-)

Pink Lady

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