Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Pink Jell-O Champagne Flute Candles

This was a wonderful gift last Christmas from my God Mother. She's an artist and always gives me the most amazing gifts.

These are candles made from gel - it really feels like Jell-O. And the gel is inside actual champagne flutes. When the candles are not burning, they look red, but when they're lit, they look exactly like pink champagne - except that it's on fire! They gave such a festive feel because you felt as if there were glasses of champagne on the table. They looked so real that I was afraid that I would accidentally try to drink from one of them and burn my face!

Gel candles burn a really long time, much, much longer than regular candles. Something like 40 hours or so.

These were a wonderful gift - and we now still have the champagne flutes to drink from!

Thanks for this - and all the other wonderful gifts over the years!


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