Thursday, March 30, 2006

Meet me in the Music Room!

OK, this is the last post tonight...

This is Pink Lady's other "new room": the music room. It's actually the upstairs landing; a great way to ensure that no valuable space is wasted. And anyway, it's attractive.

Pink Lady does not really play the piano, but wishes that she did! I have the book "Piano for Dummies". This is another of my many, many self-improvement-projects.

The piano stool is from Pink Lady's Mom - from a flea market probably?

The poster on the wall is also part of Pink Lady's self-improvement-strategy: the lady in her pink birthday suit in the photo represents a sort of ideal body. It is a constant reminder for Pink Lady about why she chooses to keep going to the gym to work out (although not often enough).

Nighty-Night (in this time zone)!

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