Wednesday, March 29, 2006

My fave boots...!!


I told you I would photograph all of my shoes and walk you through them (pun intended). I'll do the same for purses as well.

This pair of boots is the latest addition to my ever-growing shoe collection. I bought them at 50% off of course! They are from a wonderful Swedish store called Rizzo. I love almost everything in that store. I bought a wallet there as well (which I'll of course photograph later as well).

Can you tell that I just got my first digital camera?!? ;-)

Pink Lady, signing off...


Maurelita Pligaa said...

Wow - ab fab boots !

Glad to discover your blog ; mine does shopping too...

Post on my shoe collection : (in Finnish and French - but with photos !)

Keep shopping...


Pink Lady said...

Salut Maurelita!

Je parle francais aussi! Ja olen suomalainen, joten puhun myös suomea. Olen kansainvälinen.... :-)

Pour quoi est-ce que la Finlande t'interesse?

Do you like the TV Series Ab Fab? It's one of my favourites. And of course Sex & the City. And now I've also started watching Desperate Housewives.

I'll have a look at your blog when I have more time. I'm at work now....