Friday, January 30, 2009

Respected Reptile

As mentioned in the previous post, Pink Lady had a birthday yesterday. And, as is customary, she has bought a present for herself. It is really the only way to guarantee getting exactly what one wants.
Pink Lady was naughty....she had a half hour to kill while waiting for her hairdresser's appointment and, alas, her hairdresser's is located right next to a really super vintage store (Ruuturouva): clearly a recipe for disaster! ;-) Pink Lady seems to have some kind of radar that instantly draws her to all luxury items: whenever she is in a vintage store - or even at a flea market - she seems instantly and mysteriously drawn only to the most expensive and yes, now even genuine crocodile! The purse pictured is the real thing: croc!!! Pink Lady's first (well it's about time!)
The vintage store owner said that croc is normally not even sold in Finland because it is so prohibitively expensive. In other countries (she mentioned England), it can cost thousands if not tens of thousands. Oh yes, Pink Lady is an investor!! This purse "only" cost 130 euros (buy low, sell high - you know the drill...)
However, a word of warning to all croc-owners or future croc-owners: it is to be worn only in the daytime, it is not an evening accessory. Here is a quote from Genevieve Antoine Dariaux (former Directice at Nina Ricci) from the book: Elegance - for every woman who wants to be well and properly dressed on all occasions.

"...I cannot restrain myself from expressing the dismay I feel when I see a woman carry an alligator handbag with a dressy ensemble merely because she has paid an enormous sum of money for it. Alligator is strictly for sports or travel, shoes as well as bags, and this respected reptile should be permitted to retire every evening at 5 P.M."
Pink Lady is a bit unsure if the same etiquette applies to alligator and to crocodile....hmmmm....after a quick bout of googling, she is none the wiser...there does not seem to be a huge difference. They are different animals, but it is not clear what is the difference between alligator and crocodile accessories.
What is the point of this scribbling? Do we need one? Well, if we must find one, here's a thought: a luxury accessory lasts a lifetime, is timeless and therefore always in fashion: a luxury vintage accessory is the ultimate green purchase. Pink Lady's conscience feels clearer already! ;-)
Have a good weekend dearies!
Pink Alligator


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