Friday, January 16, 2009

I resolve, I resolve, I reserve, I HAVE a reservation!*

It was inevitable: Pink Lady is writing down her new year's resolutions for 2009. 

*The title is  from the Madonna song Act of Contrition

The photo shows Pink Lady mountain biking near Rovaniemi, Lapland - near the Arctic Circle. 

In 2009: 
  • I choose health
  • I choose energy
  • I choose well-being
  • I choose happiness
  • I choose joy
  • I choose beauty
  • I choose wealth
  • I choose freedom
  • I choose courage
  • I choose strength
  • I choose determination
  • I choose growth
  • I choose progress
  • I choose flexibility
  • I choose gratitude
  • I choose appreciation
  • I choose peace of mind
  • I choose calm
  • I choose passion
  • I choose love
What does all this actually mean? It means that since life is about choices every second of every day, I wish to conciously make choices that lead to the results I wish to have. E.g. I want to make choices in my eating, resting, working and exercize habits that lead to long-term health, energy and well-being. I wish to make life choices that lead to my peace of mind. I wish to make financial decisions that lead to my long-term financial well-being, i.e. wealth. You get the point. 

Aristotle has written "We are what we frequently do. Excellence, therefore, is not an action but a habit."

Someone has also said: "The secret of our success is found in our daily agenda."

The average person watches several hours of TV per day. What else could we do with a couple of hours a day?
  • learn a foreign language
  • learn to play a musical instrument
  • get fit
  • get an education
  • cook (from scratch - instead of "food that goes PING")
  • practice a creative hobby - that could potentially turn into a new profession
  • start a home-based business - that could turn into a second (or first) income
  • spend time with our kids, spouse, family, friends
  • Clean the house (it's therapeutic - and good exercize!)
  • Organize our closets
  • Do volunteer work
We say that we "are busy" and that we "don't have time", but the fact is that we have lots of time - it's all a question of how we choose to spend that time. 

So let's spend less time in front of the TV and more time doing the things that we actually enjoy the most - or the ones that will give us what we truly want in the long-term. 

And in order to have the energy to do the things above, we need to take good care of ourselves. The older we get, the more important this is. It's easy to have tons of energy at 20, not so easy at 30, 40 - and beyond. The older we get, the more we need to work at being healthy and fit. But it's worth it since this one body is all we got. 

All the Best in 2009!

    Pink Lady


Faye said...

Tonight,it's so happy for me to browse your blog.You know,I 'm being 20 years old this year,and i've been decided to be a sunny and happy girl as I'll welcome my new stage of life.Besides,I know,if I want to be positive,the best way is to make a positive friend--as you.
P.S,when did you come to china?The Grate Wall in your picture is so beautiful!

Pink Lady said...

Faye ni hao! I am glad to hear you like my blogs. I lived in China two years (1999-2000).

wangzi said...