Friday, January 30, 2009

The Birth of Pink

Pink Lady is thinking a lot about birth right now. It was Pink Lady's own birthday yesterday - hence the beautiful (pink!) flowers (pictured) that Hubby brought to her (a day late...). There was the usual dining, bubbly-drinking, gift-giving extravaganza on the day, however.
But the other reason that Pink Lady ponders birth is that she is awaiting news any minute/hour/day now from a friend....she is late...i.e. she is in a blessed state and her due date is already exciting. She is a collegue and all of us are bombarding her with SMS's, phonecalls and Facebook entries asking: Are you STILL waiting?
So any minute now....and we don't even know yet which one it's going to be....could it be any more exciting? Well, she was always one to make an entrance and to make everyone pay attention to seems her offspring is no different! ;-)
Good luck - hang in there ma chérie (yes, she is French), won't be long now. One thing we can be sure of is that no baby ever stayed inside for ever....they all come out sooner or later. ;-)

The world is awaiting with breath that is baited!

Pink Lady - awaiting news of a pink baby... :-)


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