Sunday, May 21, 2006

Pink Lady Loves Lordi !!!!

Well boys and girls,

We never thought that we would see this day. Finland has won the Eurovision song contest! Some British journalist once wrote that hell would freeze over and intelligent life would be found on Mars before this would happen.

Could anyone have guessed that our Monster-Heavy-Band Lordi would actually win the sappiest possible song contest of them all??!!!?? We were just reading some articles in the net and one other British journalist wrote that Lordi would win "if there is a God". ;-)

Eurovision will never be the same....what are the odds that there will be a dozen metal bands in the contest next year? Hah! Next year - when Finland will host the contest, probably in the Hartwall Arena.

We are here drinking sparkling wine (left over from our big party last night) and listening to Lordi - and we occasionally hear sounds of faint screaming from the outside. Eventhoug it's 2:30 AM. This may be as big for Finland as was winning the Hockey World Championship in 1995 - or maybe even bigger!

We no longer need to feel ashamed of having "zero points" (that's French, i.e. "puäñts") in the Eurovision song contest. It was all about 7, 8, 10 or 12 puäñts this time around. Europe, bow down to your Over-Lordi!!!


Hard Rock Hallelujah!!! 4-eva!!!

This is Pink Lady, singing off, from the land of the Monster Men: Yes, I would love a Monster Man!!!!


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